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Youth Are in Crisis

All kids deserve to feel their best. Yet one in five youth ages 3–17 will experience a mental health disorder in any given year. And of those, only 20% will receive pediatric behavioral health services. Aris Clinic pediatric behavioral health services and programs help kids and teens get back on track at home and in school.

Our Goal: Stability and Healing

Our treatment approach emphasizes addressing patients’ biological, psychological and social issues. We are big believers in the power of lifestyle medicine, which includes nutrition, exercise, healthy sleep, nature and healthy relationships.

Our Pediatric Behavioral Health Services

We provide outpatient clinic psychiatry services as well as an intensive outpatient program for children and adolescents.

Helping Kids and Teens Achieve Healthy, Stable Lives

Since 2011, we’ve been helping kids get back on track. One step at a time. One hand at a time. Common outcomes for pediatric behavioral health patients who complete our IOP are:

  • Stronger and healthier relationships
  • Ability to function within appropriate boundaries
  • Improved social awareness
  • Better coping skills in difficult situations
  • Hope, healing and happiness
  • Greater success in school

Pediatric Behavioral Health Care Levels 

Families are often unsure of what mental health levels of care (type and frequency) a child or teen may need. To help families navigate the therapeutic services treatment spectrum, we’ve created a care levels diagram.  The Aris Clinic staff can help recommend a mental health care level for your child. It’s never too late to start the healing process. That’s what we do – with professional expertise and hopeful hearts.

Commonly Treated Symptoms

  • Anxiety / Excessive Worry
  • Bullying
  • Depression
  • Mood Dysregulation
  • School Avoidance
  • Social Struggles
  • Suicidal Thinking / Self-Harm
  • Technology Addiction
  • Trauma and Loss

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

A structured, yet nurturing day program that includes therapy, medication management and education services (during the school year).

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Aris Clinic IOP child mental health patient

Outpatient Clinic Care Team

Experienced care team providing services including psychiatry, medication management, individual psychotherapy, family and play therapy.

Our Providers

Aris Clinic therapist and child

“Our family is very appreciative of the Aris staff’s ability + willingness to work with our family on all facets of our child’s stay”

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