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Life Skills Group

Led by Psychiatric Technicians or Social Worker

Topics discussed pertain to life skills children and adolescents need to learn given where they are developmentally. For example, time management skills are essential to a high school student. At Aris Clinic we strive to provide children and adolescents the skills they need to thrive in their environments whether that is home, school, or in the community. Life skills are fundamental to effective functioning and completing activities of daily living as well as understanding and following through with responsibilities. Children and adolescents are able to simulate real life situations and analyze appropriate responses to these situations. These simulations provide real life knowledge and experience to further support each and every participant at Aris Clinic.

1 in 5 children ages 13-18 in the U.S. need mental health services; only 20% are likely to receive professional help

Source: National Institute of Mental Health