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IOP Transportation

School Year IOP Transportation

During the 2021-2022 school year, IOP transportation may be available from your child’s home school district (the district that your house is in). Families should contact their school district to request transportation be set up while their student is attending Aris Clinic.

If your school does not provide a ride, and insurance does not cover one, parents/guardians are expected to drive the child. Students with consistent transportation have higher IOP attendance rates and better treatment outcomes.


Summer IOP Transportation

During the summer, parents will be expected to drive their child to and from programming. Some insurance plans offer medical ride benefits. Contact your insurance company to see if transportation would be covered.


School Year Calendar

Below is the school year calendar for Aris Clinic. Please contact your district transportation office to determine if transportation will be available on days the district is closed.


Aris Clinic IOP 2021-2022 Calendar

Additional Information

For more information on IOP transportation, see the Transporation section in the FAQs.

Aris Clinic IOP Transportation

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