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Treatment Approach

Our Approach to Treatment: One Step at a Time. One Hand at a Time.

The Aris Clinic IOP provides customized, intensive therapeutic services in a coordinated and structured environment. We consider each individual’s unique cognitive, emotional, developmental, family and spiritual needs as we evaluate underlying psychiatric conditions.

We offer multi-disciplinary and customized courses of treatment. Patients can meet with a variety of professionals and participate in a variety of treatment methods. This approach creates an optimal setting for thorough assessment. It also allows our team to provide therapy from numerous angles.

Treatment Approach Process
  1. Plan and Goals
    Upon admission, patients and their parents/guardian meet with a clinical staff member to review problematic behaviors and develop a master treatment plan with goals.
  2. Progress Checks
    Each morning prior to patient arrival, the treatment team reviews each patients’ behavior, moods and events from the previous day.
  3. Modification
    The treatment team reviews treatment plans weekly and modifies them as needed.

The Aris Clinic IOP is supervised by Shalene Kennedy, MD, a highly reputable and experienced board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist.

1 in 5 children ages 13-18 in the U.S. need mental health services; only 20% are likely to receive professional help

Source: National Institute of Mental Health