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School Year Program

The IOP runs Monday through Friday, regardless if the patient’s district school has the day off (unless it is a holiday).

School at Aris Clinic

Aris Clinic hosts classrooms for the Northeast Metro 916 school district to provide educational services to all patients. Northeast Metro 916 has three full time teachers to support students continuing their academics while also seeking mental health treatment.

When a child or adolescent meets criteria for an Intensive Outpatient Program, many people think achieving mental stability trumps academics. We have learned differently. A child’s mental state is often deeply woven into the academic and social success that he or she is experiencing in the school setting.

By providing schooling within the therapeutic setting, our team can better clarify a patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and discharge readiness. That is why we collaborate with local school districts to incorporate regular schooling into the daily IOP.

How School at Aris Clinic Works

Northeast Metro 916 is committed to providing high quality services for our members and other partners in education, including educational services in care and treatment programs.

Parents are asked to sign a Release of Information (ROI) so that school contact may be made. The teachers work closely with home schools to ensure students continue with the curriculum their home school would like the student to focus on. Students in grades 9-12 can continue to pursue their studies from their home high school under the guidance of the 916 teachers or they can use the 916’s curriculum, which is aligned to Minnesota state standards. In addition, there is a strong partnership with the Aris Clinic staff to maintain balance of academics and each student’s treatment goals.

Prior to discharging from the program, the educational team coordinates a school staffing to invite the family and staff from the patient’s home school to review treatment progress, recommendations for continued care, and any changes made to the individual education plan (IEP). Aris Clinic and teaching staff may consult with the patient’s home school if an alternative educational placement is recommended after IOP treatment.

Therapy at Aris Clinic

Each day, patients receive three hours of intensive therapeutic programming by a multi-disciplinary treatment team. We follow an eight-week broad topic rotation that is customized to patient age groups. For example, younger patients may work on topics such as anger, attention, impulsivity, listening, and getting along with others. Older patients may work on depression, anxiety, self concept, communication and mood swings.

1 in 5 children ages 13-18 in the U.S. need mental health services; only 20% are likely to receive professional help

Source: National Institute of Mental Health