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Care Levels

Mental Health Levels of Care

Families are often unsure of what mental health levels of care (type and frequency) a child or teen may need. To help families navigate the therapeutic services treatment spectrum, we’ve created a care levels diagram. The chart below shows the levels of care, based on care intensity. Aris Clinic provides all services listed for Personal Therapy under Outpatient Appointments (first column on left). Under Outpatient Programs (second column from left), we provide Aris Clinic’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). For services our clinic does not provide, our highly knowledgeable staff can offer recommendations.

Infographic outlining pediatric mental health care level treatment spectrum

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Why a Day Treatment IOP?

As mental illness grows, so does its impact on families and schools. We help patients whose issues are causing significant difficulties: missing or dropping out of school, falling behind, and major emotional and social changes. An IOP offers an intensive, structured therapy experience combined with psychiatric care. It can be a step up from individual therapy sessions, or a step down after in-patient discharge. Learn more about the Aris Clinic IOP. 


When Is Aris Clinic IOP Right for a Child or Adolescent?

It’s usually up to adults to identify mental health issues in kids. But it can be hard to distinguish red flags from normal childhood behavior and often families aren’t sure what mental health level of care a child or teen needs. This article from the Mayo Clinic provides a thorough list of mental health conditions in children, signs to look for and treatment options. Read the article.


You are not alone. Treatment options are available and the Aris Clinic staff can help recommend a mental health care level for your child. It’s never too late to start the healing process. That’s what we do – with professional expertise and hopeful hearts. Start by completing our assessment and admissions forms.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

A structured, yet nurturing day program that includes therapy, medication management and educational services (during the school year).

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Outpatient Clinic Services

Behavioral health services including psychiatry, medication management, individual psychotherapy, family and play therapy.

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